Certified Ninja

21. June 2012 Uncategorized 0

Every once in awhile we all need a good ole spanking, a slap on the tookus. (Thanks Double M)  A reminder to stay on point, remain focused and be humble at times.  Older people call it “falling off your high horse”, but it’s more complex than that.  It’s called ninja school and I’m a proud alum. Here is my story: Several months ago I lost touch of who Robert was.  As the PralinePrince I felt like proving something to people on a daily basis.  Lord knows why.  Instead of just going with the flow, I created the flow. No longer did accepting things for what they were work for me.  I made stuff happen.   A few weeks of this lifestyle wore me out.  No longer was communicating with family or friends a priority (my bad Mel, Gutta and Roddo). My black hole was bars/clubs; I had created my own little hiding place with no way out.  Honestly the situation was by my own doings.(Drinking, lying, vanity, facebook, lol)  Let me make a long story short, I wanted out of a certain “situation”, but instead of verbally saying so, procrastination hit my body like the NFL slapped the Saints.  This did not make matters any better.  Eventually cooler heads prevailed, the PralinePrince was home free.  Life was awesome; moreover ninja school had just begun.  Six weeks of character building, perseverance, and finally stability made me a certified ninja.  People learn many interesting traits about themselves during ninja school. Example, 1. Yes I act funny at times, I just don’t want to be bothered.   2. I splurge a lot of my money; its mines so back off.  3. Wheels up, which means I will fly out of town and not tell a soul.   Now as most of you read this you probably think I’m crazy, but there is a thin line between craziness and genius.  Little did I know my path was being created for the next task…….stay tuned.

My name is the PralinePrince, I represent laughter, these are my stories…….

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