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Putting up the W in DC. Always WinningPeople have a tendency to settle.  We become complacent.  Too many times humans accept mediocrity and become trapped in a black-hole.  The word “average” is OK to most Americans.  “C” students are more popular than Lady GaGa and the BET awards.  Nevertheless, I’m tired of surrounding myself with average people.  I WANT WINNERS!! (http://youtu.be/iWuUGG_Ujf8) Is there a problem with positive, successful, ambitious, go-getter’s around me?  I WANT WINNERS!  Winners do not accept minor setbacks or failure.  Winners produce.  Winners do not make up random inadequate excuses nor seek self pity for past transgressions.  A winner believes that they will persevere and destroy ANY obstacle in his or her way.  Please understand that nobody is perfect.  We will not go undefeated in the game of life, but I be damn if I finish at .500/even par/a tie/a draw.  Bona fide winners DO NOT accept handouts or charity! What has worth is worth paying for.  Winning has its worth! You don’t exchange a royal straight flush for a pair of hearts; Knowingly being around sub-par underachieving people is inexcusable.  Look deep down into yourself and ask “Am I a winner”?  Every person walking this earth has the God given ability to be a WINNER, NO EXCUSES!

2 thoughts on “I WANT WINNERS!!!”

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    GB on June 27, 2011

    Great post! More people should read this and want this. But, that’s usually not the case.

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    MS. KEEDIE on June 29, 2011

    Well put Sir!!! Too many people focus on getting over instead of getting through life. To be a winner, U can’t be afraid to fail and try again.

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