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15. August 2012 Uncategorized 0

After careful consideration, I, Mr. Gentilly aka The PralinePrince will run for U.S Congress in 2014. Here are several key components to my political campaign.

  • DO NOT look for me to shake hands, smile for the camera, or kiss babies. No thanks, no time.
  • When elected to office I will only work twice a week.  My commitment to Loretta’s Pralines and will remain a priority.  Correction, makes that once a week.
  • Expect family members, friends, and even Kel Gutta to work on my staff. Nepotism at its finest.
  • Absolutely no press conferences!!  I will never speak directly to members of the media.  All statements will be made via twitter @PralinePrince
  • READ MY LIPS, TAXES ARE COMING.  If you are rich/wealthy, you are in trouble. If you are poor, chances are you already in trouble.  Middle class is looking really good right now huh.
  • The following television channels serve no purpose whatsoever, thus will be banned: MSNBC, ESPNEWS, WGN, TRUTV, UNIVISION, ABCF, METV, BOUNCE, THIS, WUPL, and CSPAN dammit.  Books do actually exist people, lets try to read more.  I heard of this “tablet” that lets u download books. Wow!

Please donate to my political campaign as I seek to regain Washington D.C.  A candidate with passion, a candidate with experience, a candidate with heart……..VOTE MR. GENTILLY, CONGRESS.

*I clown around on my site a lot, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your civic duty and go vote.  Many people  have sacrificed for this right.  Visit for more information.

My name is The PralinePrince, I represent laughter, these are my stories.

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