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Welcome to the network that is always on point. This show is dedicated to entertaining people who deal with the everyday stresses of life. The PralinePrince Radio Network, every Sunday nite @ 10pm




PralinePrince Patrons (VIP emailers)

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The PralinePrince Radio Network Zone.

Here are a few rules when participating on the show:

  1. The PralinePrince encourages emails. Though they do not take priority over any guest, not all emails can be read due to time limits. Therefore, be assertive, aggressive, and most importantly bring it strong!
  2. Emailers are expected to pay attention and generally STAY ON TOPIC! Failure to do so will result in humiliation.
  3. Emailers are not to “crown” their own emails or call their shots.
  4. The PralinePrince loves when emailers rip other emailers due to the inability to follow rules.


PralinePrince Lingo

Crown em“-person whose email is above and beyond excellent. All crowned emails are saved for future shows

Banned“-terms used when an emailer has completely gone off the wall. He or she will be beheaded and left for dead on the streets. This person can still listen to the show but cannot email or call.  No person has been “Banned” as of yet.

Good cop/bad cop“-game played between PralinePrince (devil’s advocate) and listeners(optimistic outlook or vice versa)

PralinePercentages“-game where listeners express (in %) the chances of a situation actually occuring

Happy Time“-time in the where birthdays are announced along with anniversaries and miscellaneous happenings

Geek of the Week“-the most ignorant person on the planet earth. This person clearly has lost all senses

Huge email of the night“-at the end of the show the best overall email is re-read and dubbed “huge email”. Although this seems like a “contest” generally there are not prizes, only bragging right. Occasionally a prize is given, typically provided by the show’s sponsor.

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